Decentralized Crypto Financial, Inc. The First Ever KYC & AML Compliant Blockchain Announces Mining Capability Now Live

Decentralized Crypto Financial, Inc. (DeCryptoFi), the first blockchain platform dedicated to making digital assets available in compliance with all SEC and Federal Government laws and regulations, today announced their Proof-of-Work Compensation Plan (I.E., Mining) will now be open to any registered user wishing to join the network.

This momentous announcement comes shortly after the company launched the first publicly available Know Your Customer (KYC) & Anti Money Laundering (AML) compliant blockchain earlier this year.

“DeCryptoFi is a first of its kind platform that will enable the blockchain community to utilize a full range of decentralized financial service tools to build compliant solutions”, said Nicholas Scherling, DeCryptoFi Founder & CEO. “Mining is a critical step in bringing that community to life and empowering them. With today’s announcement we are thrilled to broaden our network across the globe and take the next step in scaling to meet the growth plans in our roadmap.”

This news comes on the back of DeCryptoFi’s official launch in April of 2023. Since that time there has been an increase in the severity of regulatory actions taken by government agencies that validate DeCryptoFi’s compliance first approach.

“Given the extremely challenging regulatory environment and overall market backdrop, we believe many projects in the space will be looking for a path towards compliance, and we’re that path,” said Scherling. “Our goal is to catalyze a community of builders who do not want to be stifled by regulators and want to keep building. Getting mining online is the next big step towards building that community and bringing our vision into reality.”

DeCryptoFi has set aside 50M shares of stock as compensation over the next one hundred years to ensure the network is healthy and robust. In addition to the compiled code, there are simple instructions that make it easy for anyone with a GPU card to participate in as little as 30 min, regardless of their computer or blockchain competency.

“This is an exciting time! Last week we pushed our third code release since launching which enforces port checking prior to the ledger nodes start up, ensuring that an operator has their firewall ports and protocols configured correctly to receive incoming data for processing,” said DeCryptoFi CTO, Dr. Wesley Kaplow.” This week mining is live. We are making things happen and moving forward while others are trying to figure out what to do in the wake of SEC allegations. We could not be more thrilled with the progress.”

DeCryptoFi leveraged their own technology to be the first stock (DCF) issued on its own blockchain while fully compliant with SEC regulations, allowing investors to purchase Class A common stock directly on their website.

To learn more about DeCryptoFi visit our website at DeCryptoFi.com

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