What is Blogger.com (Blogspot) and what are other Free Blogging Sites you can consider?


Blogspot is a free blogging platform under Google. It is also known as Blogger. The site comes with a free domain service provider. Users can use this platform to create their content without incurring any costs. Google owns the site. 

Overtime, Blogpost has had some controversies but the same does not stop you from creating a free website with them. If you are especially a passionate blogger wondering where to start, this would be a good place. It gives you room for growth and it helps you grow in ways you can build content that will attract followers to your site. 

Other alternatives of Blogspot that you can consider when starting your blogging journey include:


WordPress has been in existence long enough and is considered the King of free blogging sites. While this is a free blogging platform, you need to sign up and build the site mostly on your own. WordPress gives you the option of hosting its software allowing you to be in control of how your blog looks and functions. 

Despite the good features of WordPress.com, it has some restrictions that makes your earning potential through blogging limited, that include having AdSense on it.


This website builder can be managed completely from the front end. Wix has the advantage of having a drag and drops feature that keeps you from handling anything from the backend. Beginners and advanced bloggers are welcome to try this website for blogging. There are many advanced features to play around with.  When signing up to Wix, all you need is to arrange the layouts and pick the templates of choice. The included free hosting does the rest. 

Just like blogger, anyone is allowed to use their platform to run a website for free, with 1 GB Minimum of Space, and with a free subdomain, which is pretty amazing, but of course, having a self domain could be better, and you can have that by purchasing there most basic Plan for 4.50 USD per Month with Wix.


This must be surprising for you. LinkedIn is not the first choice for many people. There are a few reasons, however, that this site will deserve a little of your attention. Two main reasons include its large audience and its tools that are easy to use. 

LinkedIn is one of the many platforms that allow you to get as much exposure as you would want especially as a new blogger. It is one of the best free blogging platforms overlooked by so many people. 


This is not just a free blogging platform but one that tackles diverse topics. If you are a good writer writing high-quality content, you have a higher chance of reaching a higher audience. This is one advantage that Medium has over other free blogging sites. It is a simple site with no complications. All you need to do is create an account and start writing. 

Medium allows you to earn and generate profitability in your content. But make sure to create high-quality content and good engagement.

In conclusion, there are so many writing platforms for beginners to start. The important thing is to understand your niche, the kind of audience you want to reach, and how often you want to create content. If you are looking to multitask, several sites allow you that as well. Do your research and sign up for a site that works for you. 

Its not bad at all to use free services to host or start your own website, or to kick start your blogging career. The most important here is that you tried, without spending, and ofcourse, use these free services accordingly to what suit to your plan and beyond imagination. Blogspot is not bad and they are the best


If you are looking to make an extra income while blogging, this would be an ideal site. Other than allowing you to create a lot of written content, Weebly gives you room to sell any products you may have and also showcase your portfolio. 

Similar to Wix, it is a website builder that also caters free websites using their subdomain as your landing page, the advantages is you can do things which other free hosted sites that limiting your earning potential in your site.

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