Pre-registration for the blockchain-based MORPG MIR2M : The Dragonkin by ChuanQi IP is available now

ChuanQi IP, the subsidiary of Wemade (CEO Henry Chang), has started the pre-registration for the blockchain-based new MORPG title MIR2M : The Dragonkin today (3rd).

MIR2M : The Dragonkin is a mobile/PC MORPG developed by XFun Games Ltd. using Wemade’s representative IP The Legend of Mir 2. It features three attractive professions: Warrior, Mage, and Taoist.

The game includes large-scale wars such as the “Sabuk Castle Siege” to determine the strongest player on the server. It also offers clan content like “Clan Protection” and “Clan Escort,” where players can cooperate to defend their turf or transport prisoners.

Pre-registration is available through Google Play, Apple App Store, and the official website of MIR2M : The Dragonkin. Wemade will present pre-registrants with key materials, such as “Septaria,” required for crafting the exclusive game token CQB in the MIR2M series, as well as “CQB License” items. The “CQB License” item grants the authority to create CQB.

An airdrop event for CQB will also be held. Completing missions such as visiting the official website and YouTube channel will enter participants into a free draw to receive CQB.

MIR2M : The Dragonkin is scheduled to be serviced in more than 170 countries worldwide through Wemade’s global blockchain gaming platform Wemix Play. Game-related information will be sequentially unveiled on the official website and YouTube channel.

For more detailed information about pre-registration for MIR2M : The Dragonkin, you can find through Wemix Play and the official website.

MIR2M : The Dragonkin official site: https://bit.ly/TheDragonkin_preregister
Wemix Play official site: https://wemixplay.com/games/dragonkin/game-info

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