Paid-URL Shorteners, how important are they in online earning? Short Tutorial to use the tool

Paid-URL Shortener is one of the free tools you can use that allows you to earn online. It is widely used by incentives (nowadays) sites like multi-featured PTC, Bitcoin Faucets, and offerwall sites that have an option or requiring their users to visit a shortlink before getting their reward. Some Bitcoin faucets have additional contests for Shortlinks where the most completed shortlinks by a single user get a lumpsum reward.

A newly established Incentive site is almost nowhere to get accepted by most Ad networks to monetize her site since the site is just new, and it needs users, and a good Alexa rank. It is not a good idea to pay a user without a network to rely on, a-ads is the easiest network to apply, but working alone with 1 network cannot pay the bills for your incentive site.

Just like a-ads, almost Shortlinks does not require anything from ranking, they only want is you to bring someone to their site and complete the anti-bot verification, and pays you depends on their payout rates from a specific visitor’s traffic of origin.

Pros of Using Paid-URL Shortener

  • Additional Earning Option for your Incentive sharing site.
  • You can earn without having an Incentive site.
  • Your can earn more traffic comming from tier 1 Countries.

Lists of Paid-URL Shortener

# Shortlink Name Limit View/Average CPM Status Review
1 Tmearn 1 IP per VIEW / 2USD Paying Review
2 Coinsparty 3 IP per VIEW / 2.5 USD Paying Review
3 FC.LC 1 IP per VIEW / 2.9 USD Paying Review
4 Clk.sh 1 IP per VIEW / 3.2 USD Paying Review
5 Exe.io 1 IP per VIEW / 3.1 USD Paying Review
6 Pingit 3 IP per VIEW / 1.4 USD Paying Review
6 Adbull 3 IP per View / 1.4 USD Paying Review
7 Adshort 3 IP per View / 1.5 USD Paying Review
8 BirdUrl 1 IP per View / 2.0 USD Paying Review
9 OwlLink 1 IP per View / 1.7 USD Paying Review
10 Cashearn 1 IP per View / 2.0 USD Paying Review
11 Zagl.info 1 IP per View / 1.6 USD Paying Review
12 Tny.so 1 IP per View / 3.0 USD Paying Review
13 Tny.so 1 IP per View / 3.4 USD Paying Review
14 Linksly 1 IP per View / 3.0 USD Paying Review
15 Try2link 1 IP per View / 1.9 USD Paying Review
16 Shrinkpay 1 IP per View / 2.2 USD Paying Review
17 cblinks 1 IP per View / 2.0 USD Paying Review
18 wplink 1 IP per View / 1.5 USD Paying Review
19 Shortnet 1 IP per View / 2.2 USD Paying Review
20 Shortnet 1 IP per View / 2.2 USD Paying Review
21 EzLinks 1 IP per View / 2.6 USD Paying Review
22 Link1s 1 IP per View / 2.8 USD Paying Review
23 Fire-Link 1 IP per View / 2.0 USD Paying Review
24 Short.Clickscoin 3 IP per View / 1.6 USD Paying Review
25 Phoenixshorts 1 IP per View / 2.5 USD Closing Review
26 MCMCrypto Shorts 3 IP per View / 2.5 USD Paying Review
27 MCMCrypto Shorts 3 IP per View / 2.5 USD Paying Review
28 ClaimClicks Short 2 IP per View / 1.6 USD Paying Review
6 CoinsUrl 3 IP per View / 2.0 USD Paying Review
29 Linkad 1 IP per View / 1.5 USD Paying Review
30 sl.proinfinity 1 IP per View / 1.5 USD Paying Review
31 BestShort 1 IP per View / 0.75 USD Paying Review
32 Bitcoinly 1 IP per View / 1.5 USD Paying Review
33 Profitlink.info 1 IP per View / 0.9 USD Paying Review
34 Cutwin 1 IP per View / 1.0 USD Paying Review
35 CutUrl 1 IP per View / 1.0 USD Paying Review
36 Shrink.pe 1 IP per View / 0.56 USD Paying Review
37 CashUrl 1 IP per View / 1.5 USD Paying Review
38 DutchyShort3 3 IP per View / 1.19 USD Paying Review
39 DutchyShort3 3 IP per View / 0.88 USD Paying Review
40 DutchyShort1 1 IP per View / 1.66 USD Paying Review
41 DutchyShort1 2 IP per View / 1.25 USD Paying Review
42 DutchyShort1 8 IP per View / 1.03 USD Paying Review

If you are planning to use these Tools to monetize to a non incentive site, you should think twice and it may destroy the reputation of your site as these kind of tools consists of intruisive Ads, that may reflect badly to your site.

How to use Paid-URL Shortener to earn

Almost all Paid-Url-shortener sites use the most popular Shortener Url Script. To use them, simply choose one of the Shortener above and register. Once you registered, you can access the tools that you can use to monetize a link.

The quick link will make your original link converted easily to shortlink. Just go on Navigation bar Under Tools, and Quick Link.

Replace your the Copy the Link Address bar provided:

Example: https://sl.claimercorner.xyz/st?api=8f2efcf95f6ddaa0a2d0fda3a7d9f8c18988da30&url=yourdestinationlink.com

The highlighted text should be replaced with your link destination. Lets say, https://claimercorner.xyz. and I wroted it below as:

Link with destination:https://sl.claimercorner.xyz/st?api=8f2efcf95f6ddaa0a2d0fda3a7d9f8c18988da30&url=https://claimercorner.xyz/paid-url-shorteners-how-important-are-they-in-online-earning-short-tutorial-to-use-the-tool/

Link with destination:Sample Link

2. Mass Shrinker

If you have multiple links to shorten, you can use the mass shirnker option, this is widely use to hide multiple download links or domain url tutorials posts.

3. The Full Page Script

If you own a website or blog, and wishes to shorten the links inside your site, you can use the full page script to make it happen. You can also apply links to shorten to exlude or include a domain name to generate the Full Page script code.

4. Developer’s API

Developer’s API are widely used by a premade Incentive script or bitcoin faucet’s script like Makejar, GR8 Script, Vie Faucet Script and many more. Every Script brand have different set of Instructions to integrate it to you.

But if you are a developer, the tools provide instructions to help you integrating the script to your project.

Fair warning, tips on using Paid-URL Shortener

As I said, these tools consist of inappropriate ads shown on their page before a user is directed to the destination page. Carefully choose the right Shortlink sites to work especially if your site is a blog and you spent more time with it.

If you are a revenue sharing/Incentive sites, worrying your site wont be a problem, unless if you are using a single page faucet that the only option is complete a shortlink before your users get the rewards. Choose whats best, in rates.

Revenue sites

There are also more to consider for sites like Bitcoin faucets or Incentive sharing sites.

1. Always Expect less from their CPM rates table

Pay attention to rates and your average CPM, Shortlink owners can just lower the rate without notifying you. It happens all the time. To avoid these, regularly check your dashboard, or reduce your user’s reward.

2. Withdraw your earnings when reaching minimum requirements.

There are over a thousand URL shorteners, it is not new when a URL Shortener suddenly stops working or stops paying. Choose the low minimum withdrawal requirements, of course choose the best suitable payment options.

3. Expect to give 10 apples, and they count it 6

Shortlinks sometimes count less than what you bring to their page. For example is you have 10 users who completed the shortlink and you paid your users. In your shortlink dashboard, they only count and pay you for 6 counts. This is already a new normal, and for some logical reason explained by others, your users already visited the Shortlink from another site. Means its a first come first serve IP counting basis.

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