Reasons Why Withdrawal or Payments are Prevented by the Sites

Some reasonable fact why you did not received your withdrawal or payment request to your Accounts

Have you even been working from sites that allows you to earn money, either fiat or digital currency, and so sudden, you did not receive your earnings despite these sites pays you regularly, or instantly so long, that you have been regularly visited the site to get regular earnings. Sites you have been working, such as the Claimer-corner as an “example”, has some reasonable explanation, why they limit the withdrawal, despite they instantly sent payments request from their users. These limits help them to protect their fund, from malicious users who uses cheat and manipulate withdrawals, and often called as hacking.

There are few possible reasons behind such hassle fact, why you have not received them yet.

Stated above, its all about the site protection, where users cannot withdraw more than the limit applied, thus preventing you from requesting a withdrawal, and what else?

1. Site’s Cashflow

have you also manage your money to save and how much to spend? this is one of the reasons, why limits are implemented in these sites. We love these instant payments, where we receive what we expect to receive in few seconds, and that is what we all love, but lets try to understand the limits, where we cannot request greater than the MAX LIMIT, and cannot request less than the MINIMUM.

2. VPN Site Protection

These type of sites like the Claimer-Corner is a revenue Sharing Sites, where ad-networks pays them for the impression they gather through their visitors. traffic from VPN greatly affect and reduce sites revenue from ad- networks, and often bans the site’s publisher account for sending fake traffic that affects the networks afvertisers, which could lead them to a bad protection.

To avoid such happenings, Publishers also protect themselves from VPN traffic, thus preventing them accessing, or payments.

3. Multiple Account Protection

Most sites are protected by Multiple Account Prevention, plugin used, where, AI an detect and disallow users from accessing the site with multiple account. These helps them from users that ransacking its funds through multiple accounts.

Since these type of sites are Revenue Sharing, ad-networks does not display ads to publisher sites, when it detects the same traffic, thus, multiple accounts users that are manipulating the site, a Multiple Account Detection Protection plugin help the sites maintain.

wp-firewall image
Image snippet from to wp-fire wall plugin

Above all others, their are simple fact that is unavoidable for sites like Claimer-Corner,  Their funds got empty, which withdrawal requests are not triggered.

The Sites supports Multiple Currency, when specific Crypto is not available, due to “faucet Empty”, try other Withdrawal Options, or report the Crypto for refill.



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