Building a financial ecosystem, an Indexed security token

MyntExchange is a blockchain based exchange platform that focuses on offering tokenized securities. MyntPay is the native currency of the platform, and it serves as a medium of exchange and unit of accounting for all security tokens listed on the exchange. MyntCoin, on the other hand, is an indexed fund token that tracks the value of all security tokens listed on the exchange.

MyntExchange is at the forefront of this trend, offering businesses the opportunity to tokenize their assets and raise capital through the sale of asset-backed security tokens. By leveraging the power of blockchain technology, MyntExchange is poised to disrupt the securities market, providing a unique investment opportunity for investors and a more efficient way for businesses to fund their expansion.

MyntExchange offers a platform for private, unlisted companies to tokenize their securities and list them on the exchange. These tokenized securities can be easily traded and transferred on the platform, just like any other cryptocurrency. One of the main advantages of tokenized securities on MyntExchange is transparency, as the ownership and transaction history of each token is recorded on a blockchain.

MyntPay is the utility token of the MyntExchange and, as the life blood of the MyntEcosystem, has several different use cases. As the utility token, it provides a Unit of Accounting and Medium of Exchange for all security tokens listed on the MyntExchange, and, over the long term, aims to become the go-to medium source of payment in the universe.

MyntPay is the utility token of the MyntEcosystem, and it is an essential component of the platform’s functionality. It is designed to be traded for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies on third-party sales platforms and only with a secure and protective agreement with the MyntExchange, currently only available on AlchemyPay and Bytedex. The value of MyntPay is determined by its tether to MyntCoin, where one MyntCoin equals 10 MyntPay. Following MyntCoin through market variations and behavior.

MyntCoin is an Index Fund security token designed to provide investors with a simple and straight forward way to gain exposure to the performance of companies listed on the MyntExchange and access to dividends. Companies listing on the MyntExchange platform agree to swap 2% of securities to be tokenized in an exchange for MyntCoin the Indexed fund security token with 20% load on Myntcoin’s value in this one time Swap. The 20% is instantly available for MyntExchange platform users to trade. Myntcoin swapped is on a one year hold from swap date to ensure a constant and upward growth of the index fund token. MyntCoin idealism as a cryptocurrency, symbolizes the incredible potential of digital assets to make a difference. It is not merely a securities token but is a symbol of the potential of digital assets to revolutionize the way we live and work.

Companies can reach a larger audience of potential investors, which can help to speed up the fundraising process.

Listing on MyntExchange provides companies with a platform to trade their shares with high efficiency. This increased liquidity can help to attract more investors and provide them with an easier way to buy and sell the securities.

Listing on MyntExchange does not hinder companies from seeking funding elsewhere, in fact, it is encouraged. MyntExchange provides a unique investment opportunity for companies seeking to raise capital and expand their investor base. By listing on the platform, companies can gain access to a wider pool of potential investors, increased liquidity, and more efficient fundraising processes. Additionally, listing on MyntExchange can provide companies with exposure to a growing market for tokenized securities and the ability to offer MyntPay as a means of payment for their customers.

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